Research Experiences

Research Experiences:

a. Member of Expert Team on revision of UU 32/2004 collaboration between The Ministry of Home Affairs Republic Indonesia and GTZ

a. Expert Researcher on The Stock Taking Study Updated on Decentralization, Democratic Reform for Support Programme, USAID.

a. Team Leader on Academic Study on Territorial Reform in Biak-Numfor District, Collaboration between the Government of Biak-Numfor District and Postgraduate Program of Local Politics and Regional Autonomy, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta Indonesia

a. Team Leader on Evaluation on the Program of Capacity Building Workshop for Regional House of Representatives, Collaboration between Coruption Eradication Comission and DANIDA for support Program.
b. Team Leader on Study of Forming the Good Governance Policy Frame work collaboration between Asian Development Bank and Sustainable Capacity Building for Development (SCBD) The Government os Sleman District.

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